Merry Christmas

Devblog #3

Welcome back!
Last time we’ve talked about what Kings and Swords is,
this week we’ll just show off the progress we’ve made. Enjoy.

We finally got around to get rid of the default skybox and put our own creation in place.

New Skybox

We’ve also added some color schemas to have a clear distinction between different players objects.
Each unit now also shows its remaining health with a healthbar - and more importantly will loose health depending on how well you do in the actual fight.

Look, a Strategy game!

To better show off what we are doing and make it more interesting to watch on a 2D screen we’ve put in a “spectator camera”.
It shows the game from the edge of your play area.

Dancing in VR. Yay.

But most importantly we re-worked the whole physics part of the fight mode.
It works a lot better now!
The weapons actually react to each other properly and don’t just go through each other as seen in our very first post.
Sorry for the dark shot but we were testing late at night…

Lets fight!

With that we almost have (a very early) playable version of the game.
If you’d like to help us with some testing once we are there leave your email here and we’ll contact you:

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

About Kings and Swords

Devblog #2

Let me tell you a little more about Kings and Swords.
As mentioned before it’s a fast paced, turn-based Strategy game for 2-4 player.
A game shouldn’t take much more than 30-60 minutes of your time.

In that time you have to prove that you are the only true King of the world.
Build up your economy and strengthen your army to defend your land and ultimately
destroy the opponents castle.

The castle on the map

However you don’t just send your brave soldiers into the fight.
You’ll take the sword yourself in the hand and fight your fights.

Fight your war

We are currently working on this fight part to make it an essential and fun part of the game
and not just a rushed in afterthought.
Once we get that part of the game working we’ll most likely invite you to fight with us for some extended testing,
so if you are interested in helping us with that leave your email here and we’ll keep you up to date!

Virtual Reality meets Strategy

Devblog #1

I’m a big fan of Strategy games and I love VR.
Not everybody seems to think that Strategy games work quite as well in VR as for example FPS.

But lets take a step back, we don’t have to copy an existing genre 1:1 into VR if we design from the very beginning for VR.
A map doesn’t need to be a flat rectangle if we can watch over the whole globe instead.

Map Overview

Why just watch everything happening when you can jump into the action yourself?

Fight Mode

If you didn’t guess so already: This is what we are working on.
A turn based strategy game spanning over a whole globe where you fight your own fights.

Interested? Leave your email and we’ll keep in touch and might even invite you for some play-testing: