About Kings and Swords

Devblog #2

Let me tell you a little more about Kings and Swords.
As mentioned before it’s a fast paced, turn-based Strategy game for 2-4 player.
A game shouldn’t take much more than 30-60 minutes of your time.

In that time you have to prove that you are the only true King of the world.
Build up your economy and strengthen your army to defend your land and ultimately
destroy the opponents castle.

The castle on the map

However you don’t just send your brave soldiers into the fight.
You’ll take the sword yourself in the hand and fight your fights.

Fight your war

We are currently working on this fight part to make it an essential and fun part of the game
and not just a rushed in afterthought.
Once we get that part of the game working we’ll most likely invite you to fight with us for some extended testing,
so if you are interested in helping us with that leave your email here and we’ll keep you up to date!