Merry Christmas

Devblog #3

Welcome back!
Last time we’ve talked about what Kings and Swords is,
this week we’ll just show off the progress we’ve made. Enjoy.

We finally got around to get rid of the default skybox and put our own creation in place.

New Skybox

We’ve also added some color schemas to have a clear distinction between different players objects.
Each unit now also shows its remaining health with a healthbar - and more importantly will loose health depending on how well you do in the actual fight.

Look, a Strategy game!

To better show off what we are doing and make it more interesting to watch on a 2D screen we’ve put in a “spectator camera”.
It shows the game from the edge of your play area.

Dancing in VR. Yay.

But most importantly we re-worked the whole physics part of the fight mode.
It works a lot better now!
The weapons actually react to each other properly and don’t just go through each other as seen in our very first post.
Sorry for the dark shot but we were testing late at night…

Lets fight!

With that we almost have (a very early) playable version of the game.
If you’d like to help us with some testing once we are there leave your email here and we’ll contact you:

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.